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BIKE SERVICING PRICE LIST                        

At Square Wheels we offer a comprehensive range of servicing and repairs for your bike by Cytech qualified mechanics. From a straightforward safety check to a complete strip and rebuild, all makes and models are welcomed, whether it’s a full suspension, hardtail, electric, road or hydrid bike.

When you bring your bike to us we’ll give you a free estimate on repairing it.

We’ll advise you of the full cost of the parts, if required, and work to be undertaken, to get you back on your bike again.

All servicing is booked in advance meaning you’ll have a guaranteed date for the work to be carried out. This is normally within 24 hours of receiving your bike.

PLEASE NOTE – All bikes must be suitably clean and clear of mud before they are accepted for servicing. An extra charge for cleaning may apply if necessary. There may also be an extra charge for handling badly worn, maintained or seized components.

We will be happy to provide a written quotation for you.

All servicing prices exclude cost of parts.


Replace pedals, inflate tyres etc - £7

Adjust brakes - £10

Replace brake pads/wheel - £10

Replace front derailleur - £10

Replace rear derailleur - £10

Replace shifters - £20

Replace road STI shifters - £25

Replace gear cable/casings - £10 (each)

Replace cassette - £5

Replace freewheel - £10

Replace chain - £7

Replace tyre - £5

Repair puncture - includes new inner tube - £10

Wheel true (rear) - £10

Wheel true (front) - £10

Wheel build from £20

Replace spoke/true wheel - £12

Disk brake service front & rear - £30

Service hub/replace freehub - £15 (front) - £19.50(rear)

Fit Caliper/Cantilever/V-Brakes (per Brake) - £13

Re-cable Brakes (per brake) - £8

Replace Brake Blocks (per Brake) including Disc Brakes - £7

Fit Disc Brakes (per Brake) including Hose cutting - £20

Service Hydraulic Disc Brakes (per Brake) - £25

Adjust Gears (re-align Gear Hanger) - £20

Replace chainrings - £25

Remove and replace chainset - £12

Remove and replace bottom bracket - £20

Replace complete transmission - £50

Service Headset - £20

Remove and fit Headset -  £20

Fit Forks (cut Stearer Tube & fit Star Nut) - £25

Replace Bars and Stem - £25

Replace handlebar tape - £13

Fit Mudguards (full length) - £25

Fit Rack & Panniers - £10

Fit computer/Heart rate Sensor - £10

Suspension servicing – prices vary - please call for details

Internet purchased bike building services from £40


tel. 01997 421000


email us - info@squarewheels.biz

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